How Much Will We Make?

There are a lot of variables, the biggest one is how much time are you prepared to invest to make the race night a success.  But to give you an idea on the earning capability of an event, let's look at a typical event with twenty race night guests:-

Sell race night admission tickets. 20 X 1.00 =20.00
Find race night sponsors for each race. 8 X 10 = 80.00
Sell the race night Jockeys for each race. 8 X 3 profit = 24.00
Sell the race night owners for each race. 8 X 6 profit = 48.00
Race night betting on each race 8 X 20 X 1= 160 x 50% = 80.00
Race night double 1 sheet, 16 profit = 16.00
Total Race Night Income from 20 guests = 268.00

You can flex these numbers up and down depending upon your number of guests and the amount of race night sponsorship you can get.  But this just shows that you can make money with very few guests.